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The Most Holy Trinity

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The Most Holy Trinity

Today is the feast day of the Most Holy Trinity. It is a bit challenging. How do we explain God? You have maybe heard of many examples. For example, the three-leaf clover, three leaves, one plant. People also like to use ice, water, and steam. Three variations of water but of the same substance. The problem is this, we are talking about God. None of these examples can even come close to explaining God. Currently, we say that God is three persons, one God. But God is a spirit so how can He be a person. Another problem, right?

After some thought we begin to realize we just do not have the words to words to explain God. When we say the word persons, we mean that we are speaking of God through His actions. God the Creator, God the Word, and God the Spirit. Person is not speaking of a human being. Our problem is the use of words to define God. Maybe we need to think of the problem as the problem. We sometimes have problems explaining common items. For example, how do explain love to someone? You might start, love is like . . . But now you are using the word like. Like means it is similar or describes what love appears to be, but it is not actually defining love. Or another example, how do you explain to someone the taste of water? Water has no taste, but it is refreshing. The problem is our words.

Then perhaps we should think in terms other than a problem. A problem is something that we can work on to find a solution. God is everything. So let us name God for what He is. A mystery. God created the world and everything in it. How? I do not know, but I do know God wants us to take care of this world and to take care of each other. We see God’s creation continuing even now with the season of spring, green grass, green trees, the flowers. Life continues. Did you know there will be more than three hundred thousand babies born this year? Life continues. And I admit, I do not know how, but God knows. God is a mystery.

And this God decided to become human and live among us. Jesus came among us promising forgiveness and mercy. How can God be so forgiving? He truly is a mystery. But when we participate in His forgiveness and mercy, we participate in the mystery of God. How does this happen, I do not know, but I know when I am forgiven, I experience the power of the Spirit within me.

God said He would live among us. And He sent His Spirit. This too is a mystery. I do not how God does this, but I know the effects of the Spirit working in my life. When we experience the Spirit working through us to bring the message of Jesus to others, we experience the mystery of God. When we participate in the sacraments of the Church, we participate in the mystery of God.

So let us not look at God as a problem, but for what He is: a mystery. A mystery that we can live with and in. A mystery that God invites us with love to participate in His creation. A mystery where we are asked to love one another as Jesus loves us.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen