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When They Ceased, They Ceased

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When They Ceased, They Ceased

The title is quoted from Sirach. Memorial Day is just a couple of days away. I hope everyone will take a moment to honor your deceased loved ones.

As I think of history there are not that many names that we remember over time. And the farther back into history the fewer names I know. I even think of my own family. I can name my grandparents, but I cannot recall all great grandparents or beyond.

The genealogy business has exploded assisted with DNA testing. For some, choosing an appropriate headstone is especially important. People try to squeeze in various memories of the deceased. I have seen headstones of the traditional block pattern to a cement formation in the form of a tree stump. For myself, a name and date of birth, date of death, says it all. Maybe because I am more pragmatic, and having walked some cemeteries in England and Ireland, the headstones eventually crumble, the names are hard to read if at all, and the location of their graves are way in the back of the cemetery where many people do not go. I wonder, does anyone remember them? Do they have any living relatives? Do their relatives remember them?

When you’re gone, you’re gone, might be the current version of today’s title. What is the legacy you leave behind? That will depend on the seeds you plant today. Even if your name is not remembered what you shared with your family will carry on. That is why love, kindness, and mercy are a great legacy. It is interesting to listen to people talk about their ancestors. They do not remember the name, but they do remember if the person was a character, or crazy, or a loving influence for their family. Old what’s-his-name, right? Who will forget them?

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen