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No One Made in Vain

Here are links to our readings for the day:

No One Made in Vain

Have you ever tried to pray in a busy airport? People running every direction. All kinds of voices blending into buzz of, well noise. The smell of McDonalds, taco shops, and coffee all adding to mess of confusion. You must be thinking, pray in all this? How could you? Let me ask you this. When watching a sunrise or a sunset, does it stop you from praying? Taking time to look closely at how a rose unfolds, does that stop you from praying? Sitting around a campfire with little sparks flitting everywhere, does that stop you from praying?

From the first reading today: “The universe lives and abides forever; to meet each need, each creature is preserved. All of them differ, one from another, yet none of them has he made in vain, For each in turn, as it comes, is good; can one ever see enough of their splendor?” Maybe this is why I can pray in an airport. The people. All of them differ, one from another, yet none of them has he made in vain. All these people created by God. Each person beautiful in how God made each of them. And God has a purpose for each of them. There is something special regarding the splendor of God’s creation. Whether it is a sunset, a flower, or a mass of people. Focusing on God can be at any time anywhere.

Perhaps the best time to pray is with silence, a lit candle, and a soft chair. But we should all take the time to notice God always with us. Wherever we are.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen