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This Summer

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This Summer

(Last School Homily for the year.)

James and John really want to serve Jesus. They want to be right next to Him. But what they want to do is not God’s plan. James and John think there will be people and angels getting Jesus whatever He wants. If their thoughts are to serve Jesus, then having a desire to be close to Jesus is good. If their thoughts are that others will serve James and John, then they are working against God. I think all of us know in our hearts that it is a good thing to serve Jesus. It is a good thing to do God’s Will. But sometimes we get a little confused on how best to do that. And when we get confused that is when we make

So that we do not make the wrong choice, we must pray, asking God to give us direction. Ask God to show us what He wants us to do. We may not agree with God, but by doing His Will we know that whatever God wants us to do it will be the right thing. In school, you have spent time praying and studying religion. I think we can say that is God’s Will. Praying and studying. Now you are coming to summer and have three months where you will not be in school. Know what? It is God’s Will that you keep praying and studying. Maybe that does not sound exciting to you right now, but I do believe God would want you to do those things. We should always remember to keep praying. I think a prayer in the morning and a prayer at night is a good thing. And no matter what we do in life, we are always learning. We need to keep studying. Maybe this summer you can learn a new hobby. Or practice a hobby that you do now. There are many things available. Ask your parents for ideas, too.

I have started a reading program for you. I am going to give away six bicycles this summer. Grades 2 & 3 will be together, grades 4 & 5 will be together, and grades 6 & 7 will be together. There will be a drawing for a boy and a girls bike in each group. How do you get tickets in the drawing? If you read 8 books this summer you will get one ticket in the drawing. If you read another book, you will get another ticket in the drawing. If you read another book another ticket. You can get as many tickets as you want.

Each book you read, in one or two sentences write down what you read and what you learned. Then have your parents sign the sheet and drop the sheet in the basket at church. At the end of summer, we will count how many tickets each student gets, then put those tickets in the basket for your drawing. By the way, for every book of the Bible you read you get two tickets in the drawing. So, there will be 3 girl’s bikes and 3 boy’s bikes for the drawing. I hope you have fun doing this.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen