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Revised Guidelines for the Weekend

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Revised Guidelines for this Weekend

Bishop is revising some of our guidelines. It continues to be a work in progress.  In consideration with information from the CDC and other agencies, revisions are coming forward. We may not be able to implement some things right away, but some of the ones listed below we can start now. I know some of you may not agree or think we are moving too fast, but we will all try to work in charity and respect each person’s opinions.

I apologize for being so late, the information I received was late Friday night and it is not in a format the Bishop wants distributed. However, I can pass along this information.

  • The tape, ropes, etc., used to designate social distancing of the pews can be taken down.
  • Holy water fonts remain empty.
  • All ministers, priests, deacons, ushers, altar servers, readers, greeters, musicians, etc., are to continue wearing masks.
  • The priest and readers when reading can remove their masks.
  • We will not have the Precious Blood.
  • No offertory processions – sacristans are to continue setting up for mass as we currently do.
  • Ushers can take up the collection if you have long handled baskets. Collection baskets are not to be passed from person to person (at SJ we do not have long handled baskets so we will leave the basket up at the back of church).
  • We will not be doing the Sign of Peace.
  • Eucharistic Ministers assisting at distribution of communion must sanitize their handles prior to and after the distribution of communion.
  • Hymnals and other worship aides may now be used. Where we have more than one mass on the weekend, doors and staircases need to be sanitized after mass. We no longer need to spray the pews.

I would not say we are moving towards normal. First, normal was not always that great. We are moving forward to a better place.

Encourage people to do what is safe for them. If they need more space or masks, please try to accommodate them as best as possible. Thank you all for your help.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen