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Preaching the Gospel Comes First

Here are links to our readings for the day:

Preaching the Gospel Comes First

Here is another reading where you are given part of the story. The part left out makes this an amazing example of what is most important. So, here it is, the rest of the story.

When were Paul and Silas freed? Your first thought might be when the earthquake shook them free of the chains. Not true. They may have been free of their chains, but they did not leave the jail.

The jailer asked what he should do to be saved. And Paul and Silas taught him and his family the gospel message of Jesus. The whole family was converted and baptized. It is the next few sentences that are unbelievable.

The religious leaders sent for Paul and Silas the next day. The next day means they were still in jail. Paul and Silas did not see their freedom resulting from the earthquake to escape. No, the earthquake happened so that they could share the gospel message with the jailer and his family.

Now when they are sent to appear before the religious leaders, Paul informs them that they have beaten and imprisoned Roman citizens. The religious leaders are terrified that this happened because you cannot imprison Roman citizens without a trial.

Amazing how God works. Does the Gospel come first in your life? Would you have remained in jail? Are you aware of when God is working through your life? Great questions to ponder today.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen