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Feast Day for St Matthias

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Feast Day for St Matthias

By casting lots, Matthias was chosen to replace the traitor, Judas. The disciples recognized the importance of twelve disciples. Other symbols of twelve were the twelve tribes of Judah. Many of the ancient altars were made with twelve stones. What is noticeable about Matthias comes from Acts 1:15-26. It states that the one to be chosen must have been with the original twelve from the beginning. Although, not chosen by Jesus, Matthias must have demonstrated qualities appropriate for the other disciples to consider him worthy to become one of them. It makes me wonder how many were with Jesus from the beginning. We will never know but it is safe to assume there would have been others.

That is important to keep in mind as we go through today. How many people will you meet that are with Jesus but may not know them as such? Many probably are but never mention any connection verbally but through the way they live their life you can probably infer they know Jesus or have some level of faith. That makes me think of this question. Would others know you are with Jesus either by your words or deeds? In a court would you be convicted as a Christian? As a Catholic? What will you do today to make known who you are?

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen