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Have you ever tried to use logic with someone when talking about faith? Paul did and it did not work out. He is attempting to lay down a perfect argument to defend Jesus. He begins by praising the people for being religious. That is obvious because they have an abundance of statues for all their pagan gods. It must have looked like a garden of statues. And they even had a monument to an unknown god just in case they missed one. I have thought this concept probably helped us raise a memorial to the unknown soldier or to the unborn. We want to remember them in some special way.

So, Paul’s argument is progressing nicely. He shares of the miracles Jesus did. He shares Jesus’ teaching. He shares how Jesus suffered and died for our sins. Sounds like he has a slam dunk, right? Wrong! Paul next explains that Jesus has been raised from the dead. This is where the comments begin. Yeah, right. Raised from the dead. You are crazy. Or tell you what. When we want to hear more, we will call you. Do not call us. The sarcastic laughter. Cutting remarks. We have all heard them.

After trying to tell people about our faith for years I have discovered that the best way to share the faith is personal witness. And always share the life of Jesus, including His suffering and dying for us. And most importantly His Resurrection. And as you will hear this weekend His Ascension into heaven. This is our faith. This what we believe. It may not always seem logical. But it is based on love.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen