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The Power of the Name of Jesus

Here are links to our readings for the day:

The Power of the Name of Jesus

The first reading mentions the Sadducees. A little history about this Jewish sect: this is the group that did not believe in any kind of afterlife nor would they allow worship to take place except at the temple. The Pharisees are the group who were starting to accept the concept of an afterlife and that worship could also take place and should take place at home in addition to the temple. The Pharisees were not all bad and many followed Jesus.

In today’s reading, the Sadducees are challenging the disciples. A man who was lame has been cured. Peter announces that this cure was through the name of Jesus whom you crucified. Two strikes against the Sadducees: first, Jesus is dead, they killed him. How could Jesus be responsible for the cure. Second people are believing in Jesus and are becoming Christians by the thousands. This will not bode well for the Sadducees and in a short time they are phased out.

There are many times each day we can see Jesus at work. There are also many times we can choose to ignore the obvious. The disciples in today’s gospel failed to realize the mission Jesus has in mind for them. What do they do? What all men do when they do not know what to do. They go fishing.

Again, Jesus comes to them to set them on the right track. Pray today asking Jesus to keep you focused on Him.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen