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Holy Saturday

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Holy Saturday

What do you do on Holy Saturday? Growing up this was the day my mother would allow us to color the eggs for Easter. It was fun and messy. Then in the evening we would watch Lawrence Welk and all of the great Easter songs. But what is Holy Saturday for?

As I’ve grown older it gives me a day to pause and reflect. I can meditate on what God has done for His people. He has given us His Son who is a man beaten and scourged for my sins. It is a day for silence.

The St Joseph School did the Living Stations last Tuesday Evening. At the end the actors left the church. Everyone remained seated quietly reflecting. It was such a powerful moment no one wanted to break the spell. After a few minutes our humanness interrupts our thoughts. I must get back to work. I don’t want to be the first one to move. What would a Pharisee say, “That Jesus guy is dead let’s party.” How about: I should have sat in back of church so no one can see me leave. I must go to the bathroom.

I have no idea what people were thinking at the end of the program. But even if for a few seconds you thought of what Jesus did for you that is great start.

At the Easter Vigil there is quite a bit of silence. You can listen to the prophecies of the Old Testament which bring us to the Resurrection. So, if you cannot make it the Vigil tonight, I offer you this reflection.

We begin with Genesis, of course. Whether you accept the Big Bang theory or not we start with a new fire, the start of creation billions of years ago. God created everything and said it was good. He created man and he was very good.

We next hear the story of Moses leading the Hebrew people out slavery, in our case slavery to sin, to the Promised Land. But we are not ready for it so we must wander the desert for forty years.

The third reading is from Isaiah where we learn God will not leave His people but will come to them and be their shepherd. All of this is done with lights dimmed.

Then, suddenly we sing the Gloria, God sends His Son into the world, born as a baby, and we turn on every light we can find to signify that the Light has come into the world.

It is a great celebration as we bring in people to our faith through baptism and confirmation. We sing the Litany of Saints. We bless water for the Easter Season. And then the celebration of the Eucharist. It is just a wonderful conclusion to the season of the Triduum. Then on Sunday morning we start the Easter Season.

We hope to see you there.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen