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Responding With Our Hearts

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Responding With Our Hearts

Jesus drew near to His disciples, but they did not recognize Him. He took the time to explain the scriptures that explained He would be the suffering servant. He was to redeem His people. Then He comes in to eat with them and they recognize Him in the breaking of the bread. I was thinking of all the words Jesus said explaining who He is and what His mission is. Yet they did not recognize Him. We are told the disciple’s hearts were on fire, but they did not recognize Jesus.

Then, in the quiet of the evening, reclining at table, Jesus says only a blessing, but His actions of breaking bread and prayers being said, now they know who is with them. And He vanishes. Sometimes I think our minds get in the way of our hearts. That is why we have a formal liturgy for mass.

Instead of our minds focusing on the words our hearts need to focus on the actions. Jesus is very much present in every action of the priest. Jesus is the Priest. This is why the liturgy is so special in the mass. It was designed and developed by God. We become participants not by what we say but by what we see and with our physical actions in the mass.

Enter in mass this weekend with your heart and hear how God speaks to you.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen