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Satan Entered Him

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Satan Entered Him

I find this title extremely unnerving. The Bible tells us exactly the moment that Satan entered Judas. Judas no longer could believe the Lord would ever forgive him. In this state of life, we call this despair. Another word would be hopelessness.

Judas thought he had to take things into his own hands. He no longer trusted Jesus. Perhaps Judas was trying to force Jesus to do something. Maybe Judas wanted to find a new revolutionary leader. It did not matter now. Satan had entered him.

Did you notice that Satan had also entered Peter? Yes, Peter’s pride has made him overreact again. Peter says he will lay down his life for the Lord. Will you Peter, before the cocks crows three times you will deny me. The response to Jesus to each man is subtly different.

To Judas, do what you are going to do. Jesus realizes that there is nothing He can say to change the mind of Judas.

To Peter, He says, will you? Jesus knows Peter loves Him. There will be a conversion of heart very soon in Peter. Peter’s heart will not be filled with despair, as it is filled with love for Jesus. Peter will seek out forgiveness and mercy.

Should we not do the same?

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen