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Taught By God

The Ethiopian I think was a very pragmatic man. He realized that what he was reading he did not quite understand.

We can all understand his feeling. How often have you picked up the Bible, read a passage, and wondered what this is all about. It would be great if God sent someone to show up around that time with an explanation. But God didn’t set it up that way for all of us.

I get the impression that He wants us to read the passage. Think about it. Read it again. Think about it some more.

The gospel said we would be taught by God. With God, we need to accept His patience. Google gives too many ready answers where many of the so-called answers are more troublesome than truth. But just given a ready answer does not mean we will remember the answer.

For example, young people would buy ready-made Cliff Notes to get the basic idea of a book, but none of the details, and certainly no thought process of why the book was even written.

I wonder sometimes if people just live their lives like the stories in the Reader’s Digest. Just short stories, bunched together with no depth or meaning. We do that to ourselves when we fill the day with so many activities we never stop to breath. How sad not to experience life to the full.

God has His way of slowing us down. He has His way of teaching. Be open today to the Holy Spirit moving you and guiding you where God has planned for you.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen