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Super Abundant Bread

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Super Abundant Bread

The manna in the desert sustained the bodily needs of the Hebrew people. Ironic is that when they collected the manna, if they took too much, the extra would disappear. If they did not collect enough, it would somehow multiply to the right amount. This is an example of God providing what we need when we need it.

With the coming of Jesus, we now have a super abundant bread. A bread to enable us to grow and prepare for eternal life with Jesus. A bread that removes venial sins, strengthens our relationship with Jesus, increases our desire to perform works of charity, kindness, and mercy. A bread that graces our soul and through the Holy Spirit, encourages us to take the gospel message out into the world.

Whereas manna was a finite, limited bread, the Bread of Life offered by Jesus is infinite and always available to us. Then how can so many people miss it or turn away from this heavenly offering? The short answer is sin.

Sin destroys our relationship with Jesus, with God. As we fall into our vices, the downward spiral begins. The deeper we sink the more we want to hold on to what destroys us. You cannot have a relationship with the things of this earth, but that is exactly what Satan is trying to do to us. The relationship we desire is with the one who knows us, Jesus. Turn back to Jesus, answer His call.

Accept the Bread of Life today.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen