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Divine Mercy Sunday

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Divine Mercy Sunday

I think of the disciples of Jesus, huddled together in fear in a small, locked room. They are hiding from the Roman soldiers and the Jewish leaders. Maybe one of the disciples sneaks out at night to search for food for them all. Maybe another disciple brings water. None of them will venture out during the day.

Peter and John have seen the empty tomb. Is this another fear? Where is Jesus? If Jesus is alive would He come back seeking revenge upon the disciples because they all deserted Him? It is when we turn away from God that we find ourselves living in fear. It is when we are afraid that our thinking becomes mixed up. Without God we lose our sense of peace.

Isn’t it remarkable then that when Jesus appears to His disciples, He says one word “Shalom” meaning peace be with you. At the very moment when we think we have lost our sense of peace Jesus brings peace into our lives.

Jesus shows His disciples Divine Mercy. He forgives, He does not seek revenge. The disciples receive His peace. They recognize Jesus. Jesus says once again “Shalom”. The second offering of peace is given so that the disciples realize they, too, are to bring peace to the world. They are to teach others violence and revenge are not God’s way. Rather, it is the offering of Divine Mercy that they have received and are now to share that mercy with others.

We should also try to understand what the word “Shalom” means. When we think of the word peace, we think of countries that were at war now stop fighting. Is that true peace? No, it is a truce. I don’t shoot at you if you don’t shoot at me.

This happens in our families, too. We want peace in our families but sometimes the arguments get too emotional, and we are not at peace. Or we try to teach our children how to treat one another with respect. But at any time, if someone feels they have been mistreated suddenly we no longer have peace. What peace is Jesus describing in the gospel?

The peace Jesus is speaking about is being right with God. Being reconciled with God. Whose sins you forgive, they are forgiven. Whose sins you retain are retained. Everyone should learn how to forgive as Jesus forgives. We should all learn how to offer mercy to everyone. Then we can say we are reconciled with God. Then we will know true peace.

Saint Faustina experienced visions given her by God. God allowed her to see the poor souls suffering in purgatory. More importantly He allowed Saint Faustina to witness the Divine Mercy flowing from the heart of Jesus.

The blue rays as a symbol of baptism. The red rays as a symbol of the Eucharist, the Precious Blood of Christ. Every time we look upon the Divine Mercy image, we are reminded of the great sacrifice Jesus did for us. We are also reminded of His great Divine Mercy He offers to us always.

He offers us eternal life if we choose to accept it by loving Him and keeping the commandments. Such a great and loving God.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen