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Proclaim the Gospel

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Proclaim the Gospel

Proclaiming the gospel seems straightforward. It also seems rather intimidating. Everyone will have their own opinion on how this will happen.

I think many people would say they are not well educated, not really qualified, or don’t know what to say. As I think of Peter, I would suggest he would have said the same thing. So, what changed in Peter.

First, it is his faith. He believed in the Resurrection. He witnessed Jesus after His death. Maybe we won’t be blessed with that type of event, but I know many of us witness Jesus in our lives.

Peter was not educated. But he spent time going to mass. Listening and studying the word of God. And he reflected upon what he learned. When it was time for Peter to witness to the religious leaders he did so with authority. There was no way for the religious leaders to condemn Peter because they witnessed the healing of the cripple, too.

Third, there are many people who discern living a religious life, not because they are qualified, but that God qualifies the people called. This takes time and prayer. No matter what you do all of us are called to preach the gospel and baptize the nations. Believe in Jesus and follow the commandments is step one. Everything else will fall in place just as God wants it to be.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen