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My Reflection

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My Reflection

The first reading from Acts is disturbing to many people. Do I really need to turn over all my possessions? How would I live in such a community? Would I be treated fairly? What about private property? Can I own anything? Indeed, such challenging questions – and to us in our culture, really, could this actually happen? And who would get our possessions or our donations? I would wonder who could manage everything fairly. Maybe the church but certainly not our government.

But as in all things when we read these texts from the Bible we take into account what their culture was at the time. This was a small group of people coming together in time of need seeking security and protection. They needed to rely upon each other so sharing everything they had was best for everyone.   We should not conclude they are promoting socialism. No, but we are being challenged to consider what we donate to those in need. But they do give us an important example. They were united in unity and faith.

This means we should consider what is fair. How are we supposed to help each other when in need? Or, to think in spiritual terms, how much do I need to give to obtain heaven? But is that even a question we should ask?

Jesus gives us the commandment to love our neighbor as ourselves. Is it right then to ask questions about what is fair? How much should I help? How much should I donate? If we are honest about our contributions we would admit we give of our surplus. Is that loving our neighbor? Divine Mercy calls for something more. If we help one another based on rules, such as giving ten percent, that is not true charity.

But if you need guidelines on what to give then imagine this. When you see someone in need, see the reflection of your face in their eyes. What restrictions would you impose upon yourself if you were in need?

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen