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Go Tell

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Go Tell

Peter stands up to tell the people of Israel what has happened these past few days. He appeals to their knowledge of King David. They all know King David lived and then died and was buried. To this day you can visit the tomb of King David. We know he is dead.

Compared to what has been seen and experienced by Peter and the others they know Jesus lived, died, was buried, but is now risen. There is no such past event. This is truly amazing.

It is hard to believe something that has only happened now for the first time. And so we are to go tell the good news. Jesus appears to the Mary Magdalene and the other Mary.  That encounter must have been very shocking and overwhelming. A challenge to belief. How can it be?

There is a lot of other telling going on, too. The religious leaders are telling the guards to lie, to make up a story. They will be telling others that this is all a hoax. There will be the telling of many lies.

But you cannot deny the truth, Jesus is risen. And so many people will doubt. They will need you to witness to them, to tell them the truth. To tell them what you believe and why you believe.

Jesus said go tell my brothers I go before them. It is the same today. Jesus tells us He goes before us. Be not afraid.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen