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Jeremiah’s family was plotting to kill him. It is hard to imagine that anyone in a family would harbor so much hatred and anger that they would want to kill a family member. Reality is quickly seen on the daily news. It happens all the time. How can that happen? Even in good families we find such violence. How does it all start?

Jeremiah, through his prophecies, has angered many people. They are living a relative lifestyle of luxury. Not so much the poor. They are in even more dire straits. Jeremiah is warning them that God is not pleased. That they must change their evil ways. The only problem is that they do not see themselves doing evil. But Jeremiah must have struck a chord because now they are plotting on how to trip him up. How find a way to judge him, have killed, and get back to their soft life.

They are sneaking about, whispering, so as not to be found out. Whispers have gotten many people into serious trouble. Usually when something is not good, it starts with a whisper. First the devil planting an idea in your mind. Then you whisper to others. False accusations, gossip, and lies all go hand in hand.

Suddenly it is time for action. Let’s take this person down. They are not like us. We don’t need their teachings. We don’t need their accusations. Even when we know the truth, do we act this way? What about the times when we go along with the mob without thinking about what is right and true? Whisperings.

James and John’s mother wants the best for her sons. She whispers to Jesus, let them sit at your right and at your left. The other disciples hear the whispered request and are indignant. They began to whisper. Finally, Jesus brings it all home. Can you drink from the cup I will drink from? Silence. There are no whispers here. You must make a choice.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen