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Spring Cleaning

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Spring Cleaning

It has been a week of warmer temperatures. The sun is definitely starting to feel warmer. The snow is melting and as it does the sand and dirt of winter is beginning to show through. We cannot wait for the green to start showing. But all that dirt makes us feel like to is time to start the task of spring cleaning.

Let us start by looking in our closet. In the gospel, the people who were hired to take care of the vineyard began to think that the vineyard belonged to them. They just needed to kill the owner’s son to get his inheritance. They did not want to accept the fact that they were only hired, they were not owners. With that thought in mind, as you stand in front of all those clothes in your closet, are they yours? Do these clothes really belong to you? As disciples of Christ, we know everything belongs to God. We are just temporary users of these objects. Then who do these articles of clothing belong to?

The person who needs a warm coat. The person who needs socks and shoes. The person who needs pants or shirts. If we have so much that we must decide on what to give away it obviously belongs to another. And it should not be the worst of what we have. Perhaps we consider giving our favorite items away. After all, we have so much. We would not want to be owned by our possessions.

And perhaps as we select items for our spring cleaning, picture in your mind that person might receive these different articles and offer a prayer them. Consider this spring cleaning of your heart.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen