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Don’t Let It Slip Away

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Don’t Let It Slip Away

Both Jeremiah and Jesus are trying to convert hearts, change lives, and turn to God. You can feel their frustrations. I think we have all been in a position where we have tried to explain something to someone and no matter how many examples or many, many attempts, they just become even more obstinate. And you become way too frustrated. Rather than words or convincing arguments how about showing them the excitement of our faith?

You can do that this Holy Week. You can be the example of how a Catholic enters into Holy Week in a reverent and spiritual manner. That is what many people look for. Are you living your faith or just letting these events slip away. Your active participation and helping others enter into a prayerful reflection of all that happens to Christ will speak far more eloquently than any words you could possibly use.

The Bible narrates what God wishes to speak. Let the music draw you into a sense of reverence and awe as to what is happening each day. Be authentic. Be true and open to God’s Word. Help others enter this special time.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen