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What Happens When You Respond

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What Happens When You Respond

The chief priests were plotting to kill Lazarus, too. Wait, was not he just raised from the dead after four days? What good it going to do to kill him again? I surmise their thinking was if they kill Jesus and Lazarus their problems are solved. I think their logic is off kilter. I mean if Jesus can raise someone from the dead what makes them think they can kill Jesus?

Lazarus was already good friends with Jesus. Now that Lazarus is alive again, we find Jesus in his home. I think of two ways Lazarus responded to Jesus. First, through friendship. The second, after being dead, he responded to the call of God. Even when dead we respond to God’s call. And what happens when you respond? New life.

Lazarus’ perception of life must have been radically changed. So much so that now the chief priests are plotting to kill him, too. This is an indication of what happens when we respond to the call of God. It might start off simply enough, a curiosity, a growth in faith, and a development into a relationship. All the while this is happening others are judging you. Some with excitement and anticipation, others with hatred. Just because you responded to the call. It is hard to believe that when you do something based on love of God it can be construed by others in an extremely negative fashion.

I think we should not be too surprised, after all, it happened to Jesus many times. We respond as Jesus did. We continue to teach and love and share the gospel message. When God is ready for hearts to be converted then He will. Until that time we are to serve the Lord.

May your Holy Week be filled with many graces.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen