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Mom Loved You More

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Mom Loved You More

The Smothers Brothers had a comedy routine. Tom and Dick were their names. Tom always appeared as the smarter and more sensible brother. Dick was more the goofball.

As the routine would play out, Dick would become more agitated where he would emotionally burst out with Mom loved you more! It was a very relatable routine. As parents, we always try to treat all children with equal love. But all children are different, and all need different types of love.

Parents struggle to find a way to love their children in these special ways. Joseph, apart from his brothers had caught the attention of a special affection of his father. And his father made no effort to stay neutral about his love for his twelve sons. So much so that envy of Joseph’s position of love with his father enticed them to find ways to remove, even kill Joseph.

Having done many funerals for families with many children, the Smothers Brothers routine continues. As I would speak to the siblings, eventually, someone will say Mom always loved you more. Or you were always the favorite son/daughter. There would be some chuckling, but you could always feel the stress in the room. Even as adults in their fifties, sixties, or seventies there would be a twinge of envy.

We need to remember to use our intellect rather than succumb to emotions. But it is still painful. Then we need to remember to turn to Jesus. He does not have favorites but loves you because you are you. Draw closer to Him. Ask for His assistance. Experience His love. The closer we come to the Lord the more we can move away from the sins of anger, jealousy, and envy.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen