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Golden Calves

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Golden Calves

What is a golden calf? The Hebrews remembered what they had in the past. It seemed their life before was better than what they have now. Of course, we know they were in the desert, eating manna and quail, and thirsty. The likelihood of them surviving in the desert did not seem possible. They had forgotten the world of the sin of slavery they had left in Egypt.

Do you have times where you remember the past? We are fond of saying how good the good old days were. But that is not exactly true. The good old days, in our minds, was for a truly short period of time that we remember as being golden. No problems, no worries, no stress, no concerns. Maybe your sophomore year in high school where you did not do much of anything? You were fed, had no money worries, a warm place to sleep, no cares at all. But now that you can look back at that time you realize you were not free. And not everything was perfect. Your golden calf is your memory and sometimes you would rather worship the memory than the true God.

We have many golden calves in our lives. We also have many moments of looking for God and He revealing Himself to us. We call them aha moments. Where suddenly everything makes sense and we begin to understand God, even if just a little and for a short time. In these aha moments God enlightens our minds to who the true God is. It does not mean we know everything but have been blessed with a little more knowledge of God. And this is a special blessing. Knowing that, we do not live for the aha moments but in this world, keeping God foremost in our hearts and our minds.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen