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The Way Forward

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The Way Forward

What if I don’t want to forgive someone? Can’t I just stay mad and angry at them?

Well, yes you can. In your mind you can tell them how terrible they are. In your mind you can scream at them and tell them how badly they hurt you. In your mind you can call them all sorts of nasty names. In your mind you can condemn them to wherever you want. And as you do all this in your mind, your blood pressure goes up. You become stressed and frustrated. You become irritable and resentful. So much so that when someone you love tries to talk to you, you treat them with anger and disgust.

You take out your frustrations upon them. And the people you love have no idea why you are so angry. Know what? The people you are angry and upset with don’t know you are angry and upset with them because it is all in your mind. I pray you don’t suffer a stroke or a heart attack because of this.

If someone has hurt you, you have to move forward. You do this through forgiveness. What has been done is done. And no matter how much you watch your personal video in your mind it does not change.

Realize now, you cannot live in the past. The past does not change. What can change is how you move forward. Forgiveness is the first step. And you may have to do this first step a thousand times before you can say the words, I forgive you, and truly believe them yourself.

Let go of the stress and frustrations. Let go of the hatred and resentment. You are not that type of person. Because of forgiveness you can become better than that. Living for today is the way to move forward.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen