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The Father Sends His Son

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The Father Sends His Son

In both readings, the father sends his son. The son is mistreated, abused, and killed in the gospel. Joseph becomes a slave for many years before he is freed and then saves his brothers from famine. How will the father respond to these wicked people?

In the story of Joseph, we are not told if Joseph ever shared the whole story with his father. The father must have been extremely curious about his favorite son Joseph ending up in Egypt. And if the father was told, what were his thoughts about his other sons? We are not told about that relationship either.

In the gospel we are told the vineyard owner will put those wretched people to a wretched death. Perhaps we are not told so that we recognize how quickly anger and pride can become threatening and murderous.

It did not take Joseph’s brothers long to plan his death. Fortunately, they just threw him into a well. It did not take the tenants of the vineyard long to believe by killing the owner’s son they would receive the vineyard. Just how twisted is this thinking? To be so blinded by our own desires that we are willing to commit the most wicked deeds.

Can we see this in our culture today. So many people turning away from the church to be their own god. To seek what they desire without any thought for anyone else. As Catholics, we are asked to strip away pride and envy and to pick up our cross. Think of the virtue of temperance. How do you control your emotions and your passions.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen