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How to Be A Disciple

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How to Be A Disciple

Many people are looking for a way to be a disciple. Too often we think there is a complicated way or a program to make this happen. We just celebrated the Transfiguration yesterday. To be a disciple means we want to imitate Christ. We want to be like Him. Jesus has a divine side that can shine out brilliantly. Do you have a ‘bright’ side? Of course, you do. It is the inner beauty of your faith. When you imitate Christ or attempt to follow Him your light shines through. What are the steps to make this happen? Here you go:
            Stop judging
            Stop condemning
            Forgive one another
            Give and gifts will be given you
Can it be any simpler? Can it be any more difficult? Yes and Yes! We all must work on this together. In the first reading Daniel is accepting the fact that Israel as a nation and all the people individually are responsible for their sins. Daniel is thought to be 80 years old when he wrote this.

Even at 80 we can still learn. We can forgive. We can give so much. Begin today. Listen to the words you use, observe your actions, are you imitating Christ? If not, make the change.
May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen