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Ponder Your Mercy

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Ponder Your Mercy

The responsorial psalm is: O God, we ponder your mercy within your temple. But in the gospel, Jesus now sends out His disciples. God’s mercy is no longer confined to the temple but is to be taken out into the world for all people. How does this happen? Let us ponder what Hebrews suggests.

First, we are children of the living God. We are part of His family, even the angels in festal gathering, a celebration happening in heaven right now. Jesus is the firstborn from the dead and we all share in that glory. ‘All’ in this case meaning not only those who have died and gone before us but we here on earth who have been baptized have been born into this heavenly kingdom.

Second, God is judge of all, a fair and loving judge, ready to forgive and offer us new life.

Third, we are in relationship with Jesus, who has established the new covenant of mercy and forgiveness. In a few days we will again hear the phrase at Ash Wednesday “Repent and believe in the Gospel”. The blood of Christ confirms the covenant our God has with us. We move forward to the Passion of our Lord. Just as at Christmas we look forward to the coming of our Lord into humankind, we look forward now to coming of our Lord to die for our salvation and for the redemption of our souls.

God has entered His temple. There is much to consider and ponder at this time of year. Prepare yourself now to have a prayerful and productive Lent.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen