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Eyes, Flesh, and Pride

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Eyes, Flesh, and Pride

Genesis reminds us of the fall of Adam and Eve. It was not only Eve who succumbed to the devil. Adam was standing there right next to her. Why didn’t he stop her! So, Adam is just as responsible for the sin committed. Because of their sin all of us now have original sin.

I remind people, when you commit a sin, it is not just between you and God. No, your sin affects many people. You are not aware of the far-reaching effects of your sin. The far-reaching effect of Adam and Eve’s sin is original sin for all people. And because of original sin we have no hope of ever getting to heaven unless God makes it possible for us to be redeemed. And for that God must offer His Son.

How does Jesus reconcile humans to God? Jesus is both human and divine. Because He is divine, we might not think He can be tempted as we are. But He is also fully human. That means He can be tempted. Let’s look at the temptation of Adam and Eve and the temptations that Jesus endured.

First, the temptation of the flesh. Eve saw that the fruit of the forbidden tree looked good and could be eaten. Adam and Eve could eat the fruit of any tree, they had plenty of food. They did not eat this forbidden fruit. This is the sin of the flesh. They are in a beautiful garden, with all the food they need, but they want more.

Jesus was in the desert. He has not eaten for forty days. The devil tempts Jesus to turn rocks into bread. It would have been so easy for Jesus to use His divinity to turn the rocks into bread, but Jesus does not fall for the temptation. Jesus overcomes the sin of the flesh and rejects the devil.

The devil tempted Adam and Eve when Eve saw that the fruit was attractive and desirable. This is the lust of the eyes. We want what does not belong to us. The sins of lust, envy, and jealousy are all part of the lust of our eyes.

Jesus was tempted when the devil offered Him all the kingdoms of the world. This is a great temptation when we consider the mission of Jesus. He came to redeem all people and bring them back to God. The devil makes this offer to Jesus: Jesus can have all the people if Jesus would only kneel down to the devil. The temptation is that if Jesus kneels to the devil He would not have to suffer and die on the cross. He would not have to experience all the pain. What a huge temptation. Jesus overcomes the devil when Jesus says you worship only God alone.

The third sin of temptation is pride. The devil tells Adam and Eve they will not die, they will be like gods. We need to remember the times we want to be like gods.

The devil tempts Jesus to throw himself down from the tower. The devil says the angels will hold Jesus up. In other words, all Jesus does is jump and not fall. Show the world all the power He has. Show the world He is the messiah. But Jesus overcomes the temptation. He knows you are not to tempt God. Jesus does not need to show himself to be God in this fashion. Instead, He comes to offer forgiveness and mercy and to teach us to do the same.

Adam and Eve fell to the three temptations. Jesus has overcome the same temptations. The reading in Romans tells us that through one man, Adam, all have sin. The penalty is death. Now, through one man, Jesus, the new Adam, all have been given new life. We are redeemed and reconciled.

Through the sacrament of baptism, we become sons and daughters of God. We have new life within us. Lent gives us the time to be reconciled to God. Lent gives us the time to grow in faith. May this lent be a time of renewal growth for you.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen