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If You

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If You

I remember my mother telling me and my siblings more than one if you would just behave you would not get into trouble! Reading Isaiah today I wonder if the if you’s she used came from this reading? If you remove oppression (trying to make your brothers and sisters do what you tell them do), false accusations (it’s their fault, I didn’t do it), and malicious speech (trying to get someone into trouble). If you would just be nice and play together. Now as we get older, if you would keep holy the Lord’s Day. If you would come to church filled with joy and excitement.

A problem with interpretation of this reading is that too many read this as if I do this I will be rewarded. It doesn’t work that way. An if you statement means you do it out of legalism. Remember how, after beating up your brother or sister, you had to tell them you were sorry? Just how sincere were you saying that. Do you really think God is listening?

Here is a test for you today. Change the if you into I will. I will remove oppression. I will stop making false accusations. I will stop using malicious speech. I will keep holy the Lord’s Day. I will go to church this Sunday joyful and excited to be with the Lord. I will because I love the Lord and want to please Him. Not because I have to.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen