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Types of Fasting

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Types of Fasting

Many people think that they must give up meat or food to fast. Not necessarily so. You can also fast from vices, addictions, or as I have mentioned before, your favorite sin. Fasting can also be giving up something you really like and enjoy and giving it to someone in need.

Whatever you choose to do it should be with the thought in mind that because you have fasted you will draw closer to God. It has been said that even the pagans do good deeds, but not with the thought of growing spiritually. They recognize a good deed as a good deed.

In the Christian way of thinking we do good deeds because we recognize they are pleasing to God. Where pagans have no hope of a relationship with God we know we do through faith. But what we do, the fasting, the giving up of something must be done with the thought of pleasing God. We should have no thoughts of it benefiting us.

For example, losing weight, making a profit, gaining popularity. Our desire is the will of God.

Jesus disciples celebrated because they were in His presence. In your life, there are times where you celebrate, times for prayer, times where we will endure suffering. In all that we do we give glory to God.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen