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The Crucible of Humiliation

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The Crucible of Humiliation

Now this is a title to remember. Just the thought of being crushed with humiliation is frightening. We have all been humiliated. We know exactly what it feels like. We know how long that memory has continued. And to suppress it works for a time but then it comes flooding down upon us as if it just happened again.

Growing up we used to call it teasing. Aunts and uncles were usually the culprits. It was meant to be good natured fun but sometimes it went too far. It went too far because we really don’t know what is in the heart and mind of the person being teased.

I have watched a lot of children run away in tears because of teasing. I don’t want to see anyone suffer in this way so I promised myself I would never say anything that hurt someone else. I will humiliate myself because I know how far to go. But we should never want to see anyone put into a crucible and crushed.

Looking at Lent, let’s remember Jesus was placed in the crucible of humiliation. He died a slave’s death for us. He took on the sins of the world that crushed His body. He never humiliated anyone but offered us forgiveness. What will you offer Him this Lent?

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen