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The first reading tells us to lift up our eyes. Good advice. We seldom look up. Watch people. They look straight ahead, seldom turning right to left. Hardly ever looking up. But we should look up. The main reason is to see God. To see God in what He has created.

For several years I was a chaplain at a Boy Scout camp. I do enjoy the outdoors, spotting the wildlife so prevalent out in the woods, identifying various plants and trees, just helping others learn about God’s great creation was special. What I noticed in all this is that the boys seldom looked up. At the camp we would have all kinds of wildlife that lived above. For example, one camp had an exceptionally tall pine tree. Up in the most upper reaches there was an eagle’s nest. I must admit, I found it only because at the base of the tree there was an abundance of little bones and other debris that made me look up. That is when I discovered the nest. After that I would show the boys where the nest was. Of course, the campsite that was next to the nest would then have the most visitors. And every year the eagles would return. It was exciting to see the great birds so close.

As the youth discovered the importance of looking up, we would often find other animals and birds that lived in the trees. It is important for all of us to look up spiritually. It raises our awareness to be open to God working in our lives. God leaves us little clues all the time that He loves us and is near. This would be a great time to place a crucifix on the wall. Then find a time to look up and reflect on what Jesus has done. A picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Sacred Heart of Mary would also be appropriate. Let your heart and soul soar like an eagle. Find comfort and rest in your prayers.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

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