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St. Ambrose

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St. Ambrose

Yesterday was the Memorial for St. Nicholas. A wonderful saint that is well known. St. Ambrose is also a doctor of the church. Here is a little history of St. Ambrose. He was educated in the classics, Greek, and philosophy at Rome, Italy. He was known as a poet and noted orator. He was also a convert to Christianity.

Ambrose impressed everyone so much that though he was still an unbaptized catechumen, he was chosen as the new bishop. He resisted, claiming that he was not worthy, but assented, and on 7 December 374 he was baptized, ordained as a priest, and consecrated as bishop. He immediately gave away his wealth to the Church and the poor, both for the good it did, and as an example to his flock. His preaching helped convert Saint Augustine of Hippo, whom Ambrose baptized and brought into the Church. He was proclaimed a great Doctor of the Latin Church by Pope Boniface VIII in 1298.

St. Ambrose argued successfully against the heresy of Arianism. Arianism is the belief that Jesus was not divine. Today’s gospel has a challenge. “What is your opinion?” Every day we are challenged in our faith. Perhaps we do not notice that so much. You do get used to it. But some challenges are greater, others little tests. Sometimes we need to explain our faith to others. Other times we demonstrate our faith by blessing our meals when out in public. No matter where or how, we are evangelizing.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen