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Heart Foundations

Although I have been a priest for more than twelve years, I have been assigned to ten churches, or three clusters. In each of these ten churches I have learned that there are always foundation problems of the building. Some leak, some have mold and mildew, all seem to be damp and getting the moisture out are major problems. There always seems to be a need to keep repairing and or some how protecting the foundation from without as little can be done from within.

Our heart foundation is similar. We have a heart for God. And the foundation He has given us is solid and true. It is what surrounds our heart that causes problems. We tend to give in to our human nature. We adorn ourselves with fancy things. We allow our minds and imaginations to run astray. We even attack our heart foundation when we turn from God. It seems to me that God is always repairing and finding ways to protect our heart foundation. Sometimes we help God, many times we do not.

Even in a busy Advent, we need to look within ourselves. Unlike a building, we need to build up our heart foundation from within. Are we shoring up our heart foundation or tearing it down or poking holes in it? To shore up would mean that we find time for God. This weekend we will remind ourselves of the second coming of Christ. If we have a strong heart foundation, we look forward to the second coming with hope and anticipation. If you have some repair – what to do? Come to the sacrament of confession. We offer many times this season, all social distanced and safe. Or call for an appointment. All the priests in this cluster are extremely helpful in building up your heart foundation. Know that I am always praying to God on your behalf.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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