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Praying in the Temple

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Praying in the Temple

In the First Letter of John, we are instructed that the new commandment to love one another is an old commandment, one we have known. The addition to meditate upon is that we are to love one another as Jesus loves us. As our faith continues to mature, we can see the earlier foundations of faith given us by parents and family and the Church. The Church in this context meaning our family of faith teaching and evangelizing our young people. The seed of faith planted in each of us by God needs to be nurtured. Coming together as a family, we the Body of Christ, pray together in the Church, worshipping and praising God.

We all know the story of Simeon, how God granted him the privilege of seeing the Christ-Child in his lifetime. Most certainly a blessing well deserved. Simeon spent much time in prayer in the temple.

The Holy Family obeyed the Jewish law, to consecrate the first-born son to the Lord. They came to the temple to fulfill the prescription of the law, but also to thank God for the precious gift given them. Prior to Jesus, people came to the temple to pray. To worship God, offer incense and praise.

Praying together with other people strengthens our faith. There is a sense of solidarity when we join others. We see not only Joseph and Mary, but now Jesus coming to the temple for the first time. In other words, Jesus continues the tradition of praising God, the Father, in the temple – the Church. Just as our forefathers prayed together, so do we. What is old is new in the light of Christ. What is new is our prayer following the tradition of prayer established by our forefathers. The old and the new, always blended to bring us closer to the God who is not bound by time.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and if the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen