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A paraphrased story from an unknown author for Children’s Christmas Eve Mass.

There was a young man, maybe twelve years old. His name was Immanuel. He lived in Bethlehem. One day his mother said he needed to learn to talk with God. Immanuel wondered how do you talk to God? What language does God speak? Immanuel asked his mother what language does God speak? Is it Hebrew, Greek, or what? His Mom said she did not know. So, Immanuel went to ask his father. What language does God speak? His father thought for a while but finally said he did not know. How was Immanuel to speak to God if he did not know what language God spoke.

Immanuel went to ask his neighbors, but they did know. Then Immanuel thought I will ask the priests. Surely, they would know what language God spoke. Immanuel went to the temple and asked the priests what language did God speak. The priests could not remember. They said at some time long ago, God spoke to His people, but it had been so long they did not remember. Immanuel kept searching.

One night he saw a star in the heavens. He was not sure, but he thought the star was calling him. So, he got up and followed the star. It was not very long when the star stopped over a manger where a newborn baby lies. Immanuel took a few steps in when Mary saw him and said Emanuel. Immanuel wondered how she knew his name. Then, as Immanuel looked at the tiny baby his heart was filled with love. A love he had never experienced before. It was a love where he felt he needed to share with his family and friends. And as Immanuel shared this exciting love with his family the love for baby Jesus grew and grew. Suddenly Immanuel wanted to share this love with everyone in his town. And then he wanted to share it with everyone everywhere.

God gave us His Son as the greatest gift. The more we love His Son the more we want to share that love with others.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and if the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen