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The greatest gift of Christmas is the coming of God as a child. His smallness does not take away from His greatness; His divinity does not take away from His humanness. We can have a relationship with God through His humanness. We can worship Him because He is God. All of this is the mystery of God and wrapped in His plan of salvation for us.

I remember many great gifts I have received for Christmas over the years. Oh, I would say none of them were material, as there were Christmases where we did not have much. There were Christmases where we were not able to get together with family. Even a few Christmases where I was alone for the entire day. But in my heart, I knew Christmas had come. There is a sense of joy and peace on that day you feel in your heart. That no matter what the circumstances are or the situation you are in, we remember this great day as the day God enters humanity. We are forever changed. Perhaps that is why you hear of so many great Christmas miracles. The miracle of God becoming a man spills over to other miracles happening to many people. It is a day that cannot possibly hold the love and grace God pours into this world.

One day is just not long enough. In the Church’s wisdom, we celebrate Christmas for eight days. Maybe you cannot celebrate Christmas as you so desire this year but that does not mean we do not celebrate. No, it means we look within to find the joy and peace that God has given us. Sharing is the best way to celebrate Christmas. It is not what we receive, but what we can give away.

Take a moment right now and think – what are you doing this Christmas. Now take a moment and think how you can make it special for someone else. Let me assure you, you will be blessed many times over and receive the gift of a Christmas never to be forgotten.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

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