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The Greatness of the Lord

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The Greatness of the Lord

One end of the sacrament of marriage is children. The definition of marriage is for procreation. I have had couples schedule marriage preparation. And when they learn that having children is an integral part of the marriage. And the fruit of the sacrament they realize, for whatever reason, that marriage is not what they were seeking. True, this doesn’t happen very often, but it has occurred enough for me to pray for those couples who want children and cannot.

Big families were the tradition. I see a little of that coming back. As a big parish family, we need to be there to support our beginner families. No matter how big your family is each family is different and unique. There is no user manual. What worked for your parents would not necessarily work for your family.

Thank God He is in our lives. Hannah and Mary both thank God for the children given to them. We often forget to thank God for our blessings. And if you have been blessed to have children in your lives, please give God thanks. He trusted you with one of His children. He gave you the skills and talents to raise these children to the best of your ability. That is how our souls proclaim the greatness of the Lord.

For those who have not been blessed with children of your own remember you are an example of a Catholic adult living out your faith. You may not recognize what your presence is to others, but people are watching. Give God praise and gratitude for bringing Christ to those you do not even know. My soul gives thanks to God for all of you. Blessings

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and if the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen