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My Lover

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My Lover

There are two options for the first reading. The reading from the book of Songs has always been memorable. For the sacrament of marriage, we use little booklets that list appropriate readings for a marriage mass. This is one of the readings.

Having celebrated more than a hundred weddings there are some very traditional readings typically chosen. This is not one of them. I can only recall three times where this reading was used.

The reason it is memorable is that this couple had waited until they were in their forties to get married. It was the groom who selected this reading. He was 6’ 4” and weighed nearly 300 pounds. Picturing him as a gazelle bounding over the hills is a test to anyone’s imagination. But not for his bride. His love for her was amazing. And he showed his love in many ways and expressed his love for her in a most tender way. Truly he was bounding over the mountains in search of her in his heart.

When it came time to begin the ceremony, we could not find him. Hard to believe, a big guy like this and we could not find him. And nobody was thinking the worst, we just could not find him. Finally, after looking everywhere for about ten minutes someone saw him just sitting quietly in a pew, with his eyes closed, praying. He had no idea anyone was looking for him. When we explained what had happened, he turned a shade of red and just laughed.

Many people blush a little as they read this. This man was fierce in his love for her. I think more men need to be fierce in their love for their brides. We all need to be fierce in our love for the Lord. Amen

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and if the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen