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In the gospel of Matthew, we hear the birth of Jesus from Joseph’s point of view. As you know we do not have any recorded words of Joseph. But we listen to his actions and deeds. Mary and Joseph are betrothed to be married when Mary is found to be pregnant. Joseph struggles within himself. Was Mary unfaithful? Was she attacked? Jewish law says she is to be stoned to death. Is that justice? Stop and think for a minute. The situation Joseph is in is one where it is his pride and dignity that are at stake. Is that alone worth the death of a human being? Are you willing to kill to save face?

Think back on this past year. There have been several people killed because someone’s pride was tarnished. Families destroyed. Pain and suffering poured down upon innocent people. In turn they retaliate, and the killing goes on.

Let us be honest here. How many times have your words killed someone? Has your judgment tried, convicted, and sentenced others to death? Is your form of justice the way you want to be judged?

Joseph looked upon Mary and instead of hatred or anger toward her perceived infidelity he found love in his heart. His prayer to God was to surrender his will to God. Joseph prayed to God for Mary.

The people in your life who make you angry or frustrated – how have you surrendered them to God and offered prayers on their behalf? Or are you satisfied with God judging you the way you judged them?

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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