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The Plan of God

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The Plan of God

I think we have all wondered what the plan of God for me is. Would it not be much easier if we all came with a user manual. It would tell us how to get started. How to grow up. What to eat. When to sleep.

It would even have a frequently asked question section. What to do if you scrape a knee. How to mend a broken heart. How to find your mate. How to raise your children. How to die a happy death.

It sounds reasonable, but I wonder, how many of you have read the user manual for your coffee pot or that little booklet that comes in your car?

John can be compared to a user manual. He only had a couple of rules. Repent. Believe in the gospel. Change your heart. Make a return to the Lord. Even the frequently asked questions could be addressed with the Ten Commandments. It would be Jesus who adds the Beatitudes. And after a hundred years we get another user manual, it is called the Bible.

Today would be a great day to have the family gather and read the first couple chapters of Luke. Let everyone share what the birth of Jesus means to them.

There is an old acronym I remember. The word Bible is:


May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and if the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen