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What Is Your Opinion?

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What Is Your Opinion?

Jesus asks people of His day and you, what is your opinion? Maybe today we would phrase it – what do you think?

Children ask many questions. Perhaps their one-word question is the most challenging – why? It is a never-ending question. And we find that we do not want to stop their curiosity, but honestly, there are only so many ‘why’ questions you can answer in a day. To build upon their natural inquisitiveness, think about the question they are asking. What are they asking for? Consider their age. Just do not respond with a quick answer but challenge them to find the answer by themselves. What a great teaching moment, giving them insight as to how to research and discover for themselves.

Sometimes, though, the ‘why’ question is just asking for attention. In their way they are asking for you to spend some time with them. Other times they may be just pushing your buttons. Then think of questions they should be asking and redirect their thoughts to better things than frustrating you.

One answer to the ‘why’ question is to come back to God. Jesus provides a thought-provoking question that can be used with children anytime. For example, when I ask you to clean your room. Do you say yes, jump up, and but then do not clean your room? Or do you say no, but later know it is better for you to clean your room?

Hey, do you think that would work for adults? Do you recognize the coming of Christ so you set out to prepare yourself for His coming but fail to do that. Or do you say you do not have time for that but later come back and do make preparations.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen