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The Coming of Elijah

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The Coming of Elijah

As we draw closer to the coming of the Christ Child our readings become clearer on how the Messiah will come. Sirach is emphatic of the glory of Elijah. Elijah, the one taken up in a whirlwind of a fiery chariot. The Jewish people recognized that Elijah did not die. So, the prophecy is that Elijah will return at the time of the Messiah.

John is recognized as the fulfillment of the Elijah prophecy. John is dressed like Elijah; he is the voice calling out from the desert. And he brings about repentance, challenging people to make a change in their lives. Turn away from sin and be reconciled to God. Being reconciled to God also implies we be reconciled with one another.

Advent is the season meant to slow us down, yes, even with all the Christmas stuff, we are to slow down and consider our relationships with one another. And considering our relationships with one another does not mean who is seated where at the dinner table to avoid potential arguments or flareups. It means being truly reconciled.

Sometimes you hear someone in the family make the bold statement, “Can we just all come together for one hour without any fighting?!” This is not reconciliation. Nor can it be done in one hour. It is two weeks to Christmas. Now is the time for reconciliation. Even to just make the first attempts would be great.

John as Elijah came to restore all things. Perhaps begin by invoking John to guide you in your attempts for reconciliation.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and if the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen