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The Winds Came and Buffeted the House

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The Winds Came and Buffeted the House

We have experienced so many natural disasters and have seen many homes literally blown apart or washed away in the sea. Homes where the owners all thought they had a solid foundation. They had planned their lives, looking to the future. And within a few minutes everything was lost, just gone.

Some may ask why do they live there; didn’t they know of the natural disasters of the past? Others think that perhaps that is all they could afford, low-income housing. Or is it that sense of it could never happen to me?

As I think about this it comes to mind that God’s creation is never complete. It is in a constant state of change, repair, and regrowth. And God has assigned us the grace to be part of this wonderful creation. Being good stewards also means understanding that change is not always peaceful. Sometimes it is violent such as storms, volcanoes, or other natural disasters.

Jesus often used the world and its day-to-day changes as an example of our faith. Sometimes our faith is rather stormy, other times peaceful. There might even be times where we forget to come home to the Lord. Then we do cry out, Lord, where are you!

Advent is a time to draw closer to the Lord, knowing he is coming as the Christ-child. His foundation was first the manger, then the cross. The manger is the symbol of food for the animals. The cross, the symbol of salvation for us. Jesus is both our food and our redemption. Cling to Him and you will not be buffeted by the winds.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen