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I was thinking, I suppose most of the leftovers are gone. The house does not smell like turkey. We are back in a virtual world, hopefully for just the week. The weather is starting to feel like December weather. Congrats to the hunters who got a deer, better luck next year for those did not.

There is a routine to Advent. It is the panic/peace routine. One minute you are thinking about Christmas, decorations, gifts, parties, and there is no way to accomplish all this. Panic! The next minute you are thinking it is Advent and we should be in a time of peace, prayer, quiet and solitude. About now you are probably saying I am too overwhelmed!

Let us take a deep breath, sit down for a moment, and ask ourselves what is most important here? If you answered peace, prayer, quiet and solitude I would say good guess but not right. The real answer is Jesus. Whether we think of His second coming or coming as the Christ Child, it is Jesus. How so?

When we are at peace, we think it easier to focus on Jesus. But let us be honest. Just how long can you sit without being distracted? Ten minutes? Alright, you can say well I cannot be prayerful when I am so busy I cannot think. Wrong! You can. If you can only do ten minutes when it is quiet, or chaos has dropped from panic mode to frustration mode, I think you can do five minutes when you are busy. As you select Christmas decorations remember this is to remind you of Christmas. When at Christmas parties remember why and whom you are celebrating. Just these little reminders keep us in something of prayerful mindset. Then when the next disaster strikes just smile and know God is there with you.

Truly Advent is a both/and celebration. Let it happen that way. Do not force one over the other. I am praying for you this Advent. Jesus is coming.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and if the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

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