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Big vs Small

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Big vs Small

Just how powerful is faith the size of a mustard seed? Enough to move mountains. How that can that be? Because you have the power of God working within. With that kind of power then how come we still sin? The Book of Wisdom gives us some insight. First there must be an element of trust.

Wisdom says those who do not test God are the ones who find Him. I said an element, I should have said it must be complete trust. You must believe in Him. When we listen to the leaders, authorities, or learned of our world we are filled with perverse counsel. Listening to the world allows evil to enter our souls so much that wisdom no longer enters the body.

This passage ends in a positive manner. Wisdom is recognized as a gentle spirit, not desiring to condemn, but to forgive. Wisdom is like a mustard seed. As man grows in faith, wisdom spreads throughout the world to embrace all people. Filling the world with the Wisdom of God’s Will.

As I reflect on this, I still marvel how powerful faith the size of a mustard seed can be when we trust and believe in God. Yet, each person has the power within them to destroy that mustard seed faith by their smallness, their desire to sin and separate themselves from God. How sad when people turn away from God. Such a loss, such destruction. Today, pray for those struggling with their faith.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen