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Building Trust

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The stories of both widows touch our hearts.  In the first reading, she only has a little flour and oil, but Elijah asks her to feed him before she does anything for her and her son.  A very difficult decision. But when it does, flour and oil do not run out.  She is pagan, but even when she shows the smallest amount of faith, God uses her for greater purposes.  But she had to trust God first.

The woman with two small coins gives everything she has to God.  If she gave freely or was forced by the temple to pay her tax, it does not take away from the fact that it was all she had.  She, too, must put complete trust and faith in God.

Are you asked to give everything?  What is most important to you?  Public speakers like to use the example of two very tall buildings, one on each side of the street.  In one building, on the top floor, you see your children looking at you and they are crying.  You look at the base of the building and see that it is on fire and that no one can leave the building.  In the building where you are, you see some wooden planks.  There are enough to build a bridge between your building and the building where your children are.  You would have to build the bridge, walk to your children, and carry them back one at a time.  Would you do it?

I must admit that I don’t like hypothetical situations like this.  I understand that it is for you to think of different approaches, but the possibility of this situation happening really is not very possible.  But maybe that’s the message we need to take today.  God has not placed you in a situation where He wants you to make impossible decisions for hypothetical situations.  Rather, God has put you in this life to deal with day-to-day events.  God wants you to trust Him.  For us, as weak as we are and prone to sin, I believe that the daily events are enough for us to address.  The cross given to you by God is the right size for you.  Trust God that what He has given you is just right for you.  Resolve to do the best you can for yourself, for those in your family, and in our community.  Then you will come to understand how you can give everything from yourself to God.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen