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Leave Behind

Every day we determine if we want to be saved. It is based on our decisions and actions. God gives us an invitation every day. God grants us His grace every day. Every day then it is up to us. Do we accept His grace? Do we open His invitation? Jesus called His disciples. Andrew, the brother of Peter, was one of them. We celebrate his feast day today. What does it take to drop everything and follow Jesus? Challenging question, is it not? I mean, you might be married, have children, other responsibilities, others you are the caretaker. Could you just walk away from all these responsibilities and follow Jesus?

In our culture today we seem to be an all or none type of people. Either it is this way but not that, black and white, with no compromise. But is Jesus’ invitation of the same nature? No, I do not think so. First, Jesus was calling specific men for a specific purpose. We know Peter was married. We are not so sure about the others. Families were different then. Relatives lived together under one roof. This is not to take away anything from Peter. But Peter would have known his wife would have been provided. Peter knowing makes a difference here.

We evaluate our lives. God knows what He has given us, a family, children, and other responsibilities. God expects us to take care of those responsibilities but also to answer His invitation as best we can. To accept His grace daily. We know what God has given us.

Second, you not going to be an Apostle of Jesus. Those jobs were taken. You are to be a disciple of Jesus. There is a place waiting for you. And if you accept you must realize, just as the Apostles did, you leave behind things that no longer matter.

What are they? That is for you to determine. Do you need all this stuff? As you look around the area where you are reading this right now, ask the question. Will any of this get me to heaven or help me to heaven? What will you leave behind?

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

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