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Hopes and Fears

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Hopes and Fears

Happy New Liturgical Year for the Church. Did Advent just slip in on you? We are so accustomed to celebrating the calendar new year we often miss the Church’s new year. It comes right after the Thanksgiving celebration where I think many people are napping from overeating and drinking. Maybe that is why the Church tells us to stay awake and be prepared. Maybe Advent just quietly coming upon us should remind us of the coming of Christ, too.

On a quiet dark and cold night, a baby is born. A light has come into the world. A new light. A light of hope and peace, harmony and love, joy to the world. Quietly our Savior enters. Isaiah speaks of Mount Zion, a symbol for Jerusalem. When this light breaks into the world, it is to dispel our fears and give us courage.

We always see better in the light of day. So now we will see everything spiritually. But we can go one step farther. Not only does the light of Christ allow us to see spiritually it also allows others to see you spiritually. You are a light to others, your family, and friends. Just as all nations were invited to see Jerusalem as the light to the world, you are invited to be that light of Christ. Place your fears in the hand of God and live on in the great hope He has given.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen